CIP Login Help

1.Please contact the business staff in Shennan circuit company (SCC) to get your user name and the password.;

2.Please use Firefox, Google Chrome or higher than IE8 version of the browse to access CIP system through

3.Modify password:Access the login page in CIP system, click modify password

  You can change the password according to the username and primary password provided by SCC

4.Change the customer information through username;

  Access the home page, click username, modify information

  You can change the email, telephone number, and address.

5.What if a customer forgets password?

  • Solution 1: access the login page of CIP system, click forgot password;

  • Enter the username and register email address, which will receive the reset password link. Please reset your password according to the message prompt.

  • Solution 2: if you forgot both the password and email address, please contact the business staff in SCC to change your email address or the password.