CIP Agreement

        Shennan Circuits Company (hereinafter referred to as SCC) is committed to building a transparent and open business environment, and helping suppliers to understand and be aware of SCC’s policies and related information, therefore the common interests of customers and SCC will be respected and protected. Customer uses SCC’s CIP (customer information platform) system to submit and exchange information, customer hereby undertakes and agrees the terms and conditions as the following (including the revised editions):

  1. Effectiveness of the Platform Information

          Any information officially submitted and affirmed through the CIP, including but not limited to the statements, invitations, commitments and checklists have obtained corresponding authorization and have the same effectiveness upon both SCC and customer as written contracts or appendices on papers.

  2. Rights and Obligations
    1. 2.1 For SCC
      1. 1)   SCC is entitled to review and approve the customer's application for obtaining, modifying or terminating the authorization to use the CIP.
      2. 2)   SCC is entitled to modify part or all services or information provided on the CIP at any time without prior notification to the customer.
      3. 3)   SCC is entitled to delete or process the following information or programs by restrictions without prior notification to the customer.
      4. 4)   After customer terminates the use of the CIP, SCC is entitled to but not obligated to maintain or transfer customer's materials, including but not limited to the customer's basic materials and transaction records, etc.
    2. 2.2 For Customer
      1. 1)   Customer shall submit the application for obtaining, modifying or terminating the authority to use the CIP to SCC, and get the account and password of the relevant CIP once the application is approved.
      2. 2)   Customer promises that any and all data and information that they provide to CIP are truthful and accurate and make timely updates to relevant data and/or information after it changes.
      3. 3)   Customer shall not assign the user account and password of CIP to others or authorize others to use their user accounts in any form. Customer shall take overall responsibility for any and all activities and events carried out using such accounts.
      4. 4)   Customer shall also promise that any and all its actions implemented in the CIP comply with territory laws and regulations, applicable regulations for the CIP, and various public interests or morality. Customer shall take any and all applicable legal responsibility for legal consequences, if any, pursuant to the name of itself.
      5. 5)   Customer shall not produce any derivative work, release or display any data, content and/or information from this CIP including but not limited to IFB (short of “Invest for Bidding”) documents, contract texts, and quotations by reproducing, modifying, or translating, and/or transmit information with super-links, load information into other servers with the "mirroring method", store it in the information retrieval system or use it for any other commercial purposes.
      6. 6)   Customer shall not login the CIP in any of the following ways or damage the system and its services:
        1. Access to or login the CIP by automatic ways, including but not limited to robotic software, screen-refreshing software, or others;
        2. Actions that cause or are likely to cause unreasonably or disproportionately heavy loads to the internal structure of this CIP in any way;
        3. Interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal functioning of the CIP or any activity carried out on it;
  3. Intellectual Property Rights

            SCC owns the IPRs for the CIP and any and all the relevant software, programs, and content used by it, including but not limited to works, pictures, logos, records, data, and webpage designs. IPRs include but are not limited to copyrights, trademark, patent rights, and other exclusive rights, which are all protected by applicable laws.

  4. Disclaimer
    1. All the information provided by SCC through CIP are provided “AS IS”, SCC hereby does not provide any warranty of any kind, whether express, implied or otherwise, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness or performance for a particular purpose or non-infringement implied.
    2. SCC does not provide any warranty of accuracy and completeness of any information in CIP.
    3. In any case, customer suffers direct or indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any other damages caused by or in connection with the use of or inability to use CIP or the information of CIP, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability, or other compensation based on judgment, SCC will not assume any responsibility, even SCC has been advised of the possibility of the occurrence of any such damage.